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Wedding florist mentor with vicky laffey


I'm Vicky, Wedding Florist of over 12 years and i'm here to make Wedding Floristry simple for you!

Whether you're just starting up your business, a Floristry student or an experienced Florist looking to sharpen their skills, I want to demystify the world of wedding floristry, so that you can book more weddings, work smarter rather than harder, and make more money!

Click below to download your free guide -

5 Steps to Becoming a Great Wedding Florist

How I Can  Help You...

From group courses, training and events, to private 121 mentoring, there are many ways that I can help you in your wedding floristry journey.

To see if I can help you or what option is best for you, then click below for a free initial call for a no obligation 20 minute free chat with me 

What Other Florists Have Said...

Don't just take my word for it, see what some of my previous clients have said about me..

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