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Connect with your Couples: Why having a dialogue is key to booking more weddings

When a couple enquires about your wedding florist services, it's a great opportunity to start building a connection with them. By having a dialogue and getting to know them better, you'll be much more likely to book them and they usually end up being the best clients!

As your Wedding Florist Mentor, I want to give you a few tips on how to connect with your couples:

  • Ask good questions on your enquiry form. This will give you a good foundation of knowledge about the couple and their wedding plans.

  • Send a personalised response. Don't just send out a generic price list. Take the time to write a response that is tailored to that couple

  • Invite the couple to a consultation. This is your chance to really get to know them, learn more about their vision for their wedding flowers and sell you as well as your flowers!

  • Be yourself and let your personality shine through. Couples want to work with florists who they get along with and who they trust to bring their vision to life.

Recently, I had a couple fill in my enquiry form (let's call the Bride S and Groom C) who seemed great on paper. So, I invited them to a consultation. And because I ask such good questions on my enquiry form, I was able to connect with them at a number of levels on our Zoom call as I had some personal anecdotes to work with and a feel for the sort of people they were and wedding they were planning. Plus, they were just my kinda people so I got on with them really well! It took them less than half an hour to sign the contract and pay the booking fee.

Here are a few specific things I did to connect with S and C:

  • I spent time at the beginning of the call getting THEM

  • I asked them about their wedding inspiration and what kind of atmosphere they want to create.

  • I told them about my own wedding

  • I asked them about their personal interests and hobbies.

By taking the time to connect with S and C, I was able to build a relationship with them and show them that I was the right florist for their wedding.

If you're looking to book more weddings, I encourage you to focus on connecting with your couples, rather than just sending a price list as an initial interaction. By having a dialogue and getting to know them better, you'll be much more likely to book them as clients.

Connection before enquiry is so important too! Use your social media and website to connect with them to make them realise you are their Florist. Show them content that involves them or gives them an insight to who you are. It's not all about just showing off the perfect pretty pictures of flowers, show them YOU!

If you want to chat with me about refining your processes, reach the right couples, running consultations, or anything else for your wedding florist business, CLICK HERE to book a 121 mentoring hour with me!

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