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If you've ever wondered how to make a certain design, struggled with pricing out large installations or wondered how other Florists do it, then you'll really like my very popular Wedding Florist Recipe Vault!


So many Florists have told me that it has actually saved them money time and time again, because they usually over buy, but sticking to these recipes has in some cases halved their wedding flower spend!


Inside you'll find 22 recipes for popular items such as Bridal Bouquets, Floral arch, hanging displays, centrepieces and more. 


In fact, many Florists simply use these recipes as a base for their own designs, such as if a client wants a slightly different colour scheme or something isn't in season. They find it extremely helpful!

Share a picture of your book on your Instagram and tag @weddingfloristmentor!

Wedding Florist Recipe Vault

  • This book must not be resold, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of TCQ Business Development (Trading as Wedding Florist Mentor

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